The Smurf Experience


Busy weekend days: our recommandations

During the weekend days, the Smurf Experience is very busy due to the large number of visitors.

Here is a few recommandations and information :

  1. We advise you to buy your ticket online.
  2. Come within the time slot you have chosen. For example: if you have chosen the “1pm-2pm” timeslot, you can arrive between 12 en 1pm and not necessarily at sharp 1pm.
  3. Due to the large numbers of visitors, we can not garantee a ticket sale at the entrance. This door sale will only be activated depending on capacity and flow.
  4. During very busy days, the waiting time can go up to minimum 45 min.
  5. Be careful: each soldout will be announce on our website or on our facebook page
  6. Inquire at 02 658 40 70

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